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RE/MAX Canada surveyed its network of brokers and agents for the 2021 Renovation Investment Report. Sixty-five per cent said kitchen upgrades, including cabinets, countertops and appliances, yield the highest ROI on the resale market, with 87 per cent of brokers naming the kitchen renovation as the top home improvement resonating with buyers in the Canadian real estate market.
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Properties in Edmonton showing "Pending"

What does pending mean?

There recently was changes to Realtor.ca when a seller accept an offer. A pending property means that the seller has accepted a conditional offer. This does not mean it is sold. It is subject to conditions, usually finacning and inspection.

Can I still see a pending property?

Yes and no. This depends on the seller. The Seller makes the desicion whether or not they still want thier property shown. Personally, if I was selling my house, I would encourage showings during the pernding time frame due to the fact, that a large number of pending properties fall apart due to varies reasons.

Can I still to write an offer on the pending property? 

Yes. You can still write offers on pending properties. If the seller accepts your offer in the province of Alberta is goes into second place and awaits the time frame pending status of the first offer. Your accepted offer to purchase is known as a "back-up" offer.

If you would like to write a back up or have other questions reguarding pending offers, contact us anytime!

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How to Hire the Right Real Estate Agent when Buying

Choosing the right realtor is one of the most important decisions that you will make when you’re ready to buy a home in Edmonton. A good agent can help you navigate the buying process with minimal stress, whereas a not-so-good agent might make the process harder on you (and your wallet) than it needs to be and a great agent will provide a great buying experience. There is no magic formula for finding a great agent, though there are certain steps that you can take to improve your chances.

What should you look for when you choose a real estate agent?

Behind every good real estate agent is a set of skills that make them a top choice when you’re looking to buy a home. So what are these skills? They’ll vary depending on your needs and your personality, but at the very minimum, you should choose a real estate agent who has these five key qualities.

Good communication

Communication is a key factor in a real estate transaction and being comfortable with your Realtor is key. If you are analytical, find an agent who is also analytical and system focused. These agents are usually dressed in a suit and will provide you with detailed information. If you are really social, choose an expressive agent. These Edmonton Realtors can be found via Facebook and are usually dressed in bright colours.

Top 12 Questions to ask a Realtor when Buying

1. How long have you been a Realtor in Edmonton?

Agents that have been in the business for a while will be able to anticipate problems before they arise.

2. Do you have a real estate speciality?

Most experienced Edmonton Realtors have a speciality from condominiums to luxury home sales.

3. Can you tell me about the areas we are interested in?

Your Realtor should be knowledgeable about the area you’re looking at. Edmonton communities vary in demographics and amenities from one neighbourhood to the next.

4. Will I be working with you individually, or with a team?

If you enter an agent-buyer relationship with the understanding that the agent will be handling you personally, it can be alarming to be handed off to an assistant. Ask who you will primarily be dealing with.

5. Can you recommend ...?

Mortgage brokers, appraisers, property inspectors and real estate lawyers. A good agent will already have a number of real estate professionals they work with on a regular basis.

6. How does your commission work?

As with any financial transaction, get a good understanding of how your agent is compensated before entering into a relationship with them.

7. Can you explain the home buying process from start to finish?

The process can be long and complicated for first-time homebuyers. Ask your agent to explain the process to you from beginning to end, and take notes, being sure to ask for clarifications you need along the way.

8. What’s the best way to contact you?

Every Realtor in Edmonton prefers different ways of communications. Some agents do not give out their cell phone numbers and others are not tech-savvy. Some agents will reply immediately and others can take hours.

9. Do you work on weekends?

Ensure that the availability to show you properties works for both you and your Edmonton Realtor.

10. How many homes are you willing to show me?

Some agents will only show you 3 properties, while others will show you dozens of homes. If an agent is only willing to show you a few properties, it is probably because they are too busy, however, if a Realtor is willing to show you unlimited properties - they are called a "Wheel Estate Agent"

11. Will you provide a CMA for this house?

A CMA or comparative market analysis can help you determine fair market value and determine if it is priced accurately.

12. Do you work full-time or part-time as an agent?

Edmonton Remax Realtors are full-time agents who are more likely to be able to devote more time to work for you than someone who is pursuing real estate on the side.

Take the time to talk with the agent to find the best fit for you. We recommend interviewing 3 Edmonton Realtors. Our agents can be contacted directly at 780-910-5179 or email us!

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Pros and Cons of Different Property Ownerships

Before buying a home, it’s important to consider what type of lifestyle you live. If you travel a lot, a house may not be the best choice. No matter what type of home you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages of all types and styles. It makes sense to review all the pros and cons of home you're looking for.

Advantages Of Buying Single Family Home:

  • Investing in a tangible asset
  • Building equity as you pay down your mortgage.
  • Greater privacy and an option to renovate it to your personal style
  • Stable monthly payments on a fixed mortgage mean you’ll pay the same monthly amount until the end of your mortgage term

Disadvantages of Single Family Ownership:

  • Upfront closing costs (usually 1-2% of the total purchase price)
  • It will be more difficult to accept an attractive job offer requiring you to pick up and move to another city.
  • Maintenance costs are yours and over time, something will need to be replaced from a leaking faucet to new shingles

Advantages of owning a Condomium:

  • Condo fees usually cover exterior maintanance cost
  • Easier Upkeep
  • Condo fees usually cover the cost of heat & water and sometimes electricity and cable costs
  • Shared common area (Anywhere from shared road ways to a community pool)
  • Communal living (you are part owners of a greater area and may even become part of the managment board)

Disadvantages of Condomium Ownership:

  • Condo fees (In addition to your mogtgage you must pay monthly condo fees)
  • Less Privacy (Depending on the style most Condos Share at least one wall with thier nieghbor)
  • Restrictions (Depending on the Condo there may be restrictions such as noise, odor, pets, ect)

Depending on the type of property you choose to purchase there are also pros and cons:

Detatched Single-Family:


  • Freedom to do what you want from demolishing the house to adding additional rooms, gardens, garage or basement suites for residual income.
  • Even if the value of the structure itself depreciates, the land on which it sits can become more valuable
  • Backyard BBQs & entertaining outdoors


  • You are responsible for all maintenance

Townhouse Condominiums


  • Semi-private yards
  • If there is a major upgrade, the cost is sharded by each unit
  • Your own parking spot/garage
  • You can change anything in the interior of the home from kitchens to fresh paint
  • Your neighbour can keep an eye on your property while you are away


  • There will be a monthly condo fee
  • You are responsible for maintaining the interior of the property
  • You are living close to your neighbour
  • Condo fees can increase

Apartment Condominiums


  • Condo fees usually cover the cost of heat & water and sometimes electricity and cable costs
  • No exterior yard work
  • Less cost to homeownership


  • Less privacy. Your neighbours will know when you come home and when you leave.
  • There may be rules on the type of flooring you are allowed to put in your property
  • Must abide by all bylaws
  • Pet restrictions 
  • Condo fees can increase

New builds


  • Alberta new home warranty
  • You will be the first person to live there
  • Everything is fresh
  • New appliances 


  • The cost of new builds is higher than resale.
  • Added GST (usually already hidden in the price)
  • If there is an issue, you will need to deal with the builder
  • You will be responsible for adding fences and completing landscaping
  • The cost of finishing a basement
  • Annual HOA Fees
  • New builds are on the rise due to a higher lumber cost

If you have questions about buying a home in Edmonton or the surrounding area, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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Living in Ramsay Heights

Ramsay Heights is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by the Whitemud Creek Ravine South, Brander Gardens, and Rhatigan Ridge in real estate zone 14.

Ramsay Heights was named in honor of Walter Ramsay, who moved to our municipality in 1899 and became Edmonton’s first commercial florist. In 1986 a permanent greenhouse was opened as a tribute to Walter Ramsay.

This Riverbend community features a large green space with a playground, skatepark, a covered seating area with several picnic benches, and ravine trails. A commercial building along with Riverbend Road services Ramsay Heights residents with a daycare, convenience store, and barber shop in the heart of this southwest Edmonton community.

Residential real estate in Ramsay Heights is a mix of housing units split between single-detached houses and condo complexes. Popular Ramsay Heights condominiums are the Courtyard Of Riverbend with gas-burning fireplaces and the Whitemud Way duplexes in a prestigious gated community.

Most Ramsay Heights houses were constructed in the eighties and feature many homes with large balconies off the primary bedroom with over 3000 square feet of living space. Ramsay Heights house prices range dramatically depending on the condition of the property. The average house price for a Ramsay Heights home is about $600,000.

Living in Ramsay Heights offers homeowners access to river valley walking trails, natural woodland habitats, and quick access to the popular off-leash Terwillegar dog park.

View all Ramsay Heights homes for sale

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Total residential unit sales in the Greater Edmonton Area real estate market for August 2021 increased 9.7% compared to August 2020 and decreased 6.8% from July 2021.

New residential listings are up year-over-year, increasing 12.9% from August 2020. However, new residential listings are down month-over-month, decreasing 6.0% from July 2021. Overall inventory in the GEA was down 1.9% from August of last year and decreased 4.1% from July 2021.

Edmonton Real Estate Market Activity

Compared to July 2021, Edmonton house sales are down 6.0%, condominium sales decreased 8.4% and duplex & townhouses were also down by 4.7%.

Edmonton House Sales

Edmonton Real Estate Prices

The average price for an Edmonton home for August 2021 was $384,874 which is a 2.7% increase from August 2020. Single-family house prices had a 4.9% increase, condominiums had a 0.8% decrease and duplex prices increased 3.8% from August 2020.

Riverbend Home Sales

There were a total of 20 homes sold in Riverbend for the month of August 2021. Riverbend condominium sales included one apartment, two half-duplex condos, and four townhouses. There were 13 Riverbend houses sold with a price range of $475,000 to $3,100,000 in Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay & Bulyea Heights, and Henderson Estates.

Terwillegar Home Sales

There were a total of 39 homes sold in Terwillegar for the month of August 2021. Terwillegar condo sales included 8 apartments, a duplex, and two townhouses. There were 28 Terwillegar houses sold with a price range of $311,000 to $1,410,000. The majority of Terwillegar houses were sold in South Terwillegar, Haddow, and Terwillegar Towne.

Kaskitayo Home Sales

There were a total of 37 homes sold in Kaskitayo for the month of August 2021. Kaskitayo condominium sales included seven townhouses. There were 24 Kaskitayo houses sold with a price range of $320,000 to $$2,530,000. The majority of Kaskitayo houses were sold in Duggan and Greenfield.


For the month of August 2021, Edmonton real estate prices remained steady with 1242 home sales with the average house sale price at $448,220.

Click here to find the sale price of a recently sold Edmonton Home

Information provided by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

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Living in Rhatigan Ridge

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Rhatigan Ridge is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District, west of Bulyea Heights, south of Ramsay Heights, and north of Falconer and Henderson Estates. It is bordered by Terwillegar Drive, the river valley, and bisected by Riverbend Road in real estate zone 14.

Rhatigan Ridge was named in honor of Thomas Rhatigan, a farmer and landowner in the Riverbend area for many years. He was famous for the quality of his wheat and oats and was proclaimed World Oat King at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in 1953, 1966, and 1970.

Rhatigan Ridge was the first Riverbend neighborhood to be subdivided and predominantly features single-detached houses with bicycle pathways to promote pedestrian traffic. Due to the economy during this time period, with extremely high-interest rates, there were a small proportion of duplexes on Rehwinkel Road and townhouses at Ryan Estate constructed for first-time buyer affordability. Rhatigan Ridge has a high point of land with a panoramic view just south of Riverbend Road.

Rhatigan Ridge houses for sale are a mix of bungalows, 2 stories, and split levels constructed in the 1980s. The average Rhatigan Ridge house price is $650,000. These Riverbend bungalows feature over 2000 square feet of living space above grade. Almost every house in Rhatigan Ridge will have a front attached garage.

Executive and luxury Rhatigan Ridge properties are situated at Promontory Point and share amazing panoramic city views with private & serene park-like backyard settings. Rhatigan Ridge is a perfect place to live for residential privacy and community connection.

View all Rhatigan Ridge homes for sale

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Living in Ogilvie Ridge

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Ogilvie Ridge is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by the Whitemud Creek Ravine South, Bulyea Heights, and Rabbit Hill in real estate zone 14.

This Riverbend neighborhood was named after James H. Ogilvie who was a politician for 57 years, a lawyer, and a veteran of World War One. Ogilvie originally came to Edmonton from Nova Scotia in 1914 and enrolled at the University of Alberta. He was called to the bar in 1920 and served as a City Alderman between 1932 and 1948.

Ogilvie Ridge is best known for its tall clock tower and welcoming white lights and tree-lined streets at its entrance near the beautiful ravine with walking trails and park benches throughout. The Whitemud Creek Community Centre is also located in Ogilvie Ridge which features the water spray pond, soccer fields, and tennis courts and is a great place to hold a wedding ceremony, reception, and banquet.

There are two condominium complexes in Ogilvie Ridge that are townhouses and bungalow duplex-style homes with front garages. The majority of Ogilvie Ridge Edmonton houses for sale feature adjoining green space or larger backyards giving residents more privacy from their neighbors. Ogilvie Ridge house prices range from $475,000 to over the million marks. Ogilvie Ridge Edmonton luxury homes for sale will run along Osmand Drive.

View all Ogilvie Ridge homes for sale

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Living in Brookside

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Brookside is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District, north of Bulyea Heights and east of Rhatigan Ridge. It is bordered by Terwillegar Drive and Whitemud Creek Ravine with walking trails to the famous Brookside walking bridge, outdoor Grandview staircase, and snow valley ski club in real estate zone 14.

Several of the houses for sale in Brookside will back onto the ravine and natural woodland habitat. The majority of Brookside houses also have back alley access even the one with front attached garages. Over half of Brookside homes were built during the 1960s for the elite buyers.

Real estate in Brookside is completely residential except for the Riverbend Community League, Brookside Elementary School, Edmonton Alberta Temple, and Riverbend Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Houses in Brookside are situated on larger than average lots, some with over 1000 square meters, surrounded by mature trees and wide streets. Homeowners in this part of Riverbend Edmonton tend to stay for longer periods of time with only a few properties listed on the MLS each year. The average Brookside house price is $650,000. Homes for sale here will range from the mid $400,000s to a few million depending on the location. Brookside Terrace is the only condo complex that is managed by Boardwalk.

View all Brookside homes for sale

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Living in Brander Gardens

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Brander Gardens is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by Whitemud/Terwillegar Drive, Ramsay Heights, and overlooks the North Saskatchewan River in real estate zone 14.

Brander Gardens is named for George Brander, whose peony gardens were an attraction for Albertans until the 1940s and were the source of most of the peonies in Alberta. In the heart of Brander Gardens is a Riverbend Shopping Centre with a veterinary hospital, Jiu-Jitsu martial arts schools, and a donair shop.

Brander Gardens has 4 apartment complexes including Lord Nelson which has an indoor swimming pool. Brander Gardens Hearthstone condominiums feature attached garages and row homes along Riverbend Road in Brander Gardens are constructed in 1974.

The average house price in Brander Gardens is $650,000. House prices in this part of Riverbend will range from $400,000 with all original features including the shag carpet to extravagant multi-million dollar houses with triple and quad garages along Whitemud Road. Real estate in Brander Gardens is a mix of commercial, retail, and educational facilities. There are several townhouse condominiums and only 300 single-family detached houses.

Although Brander Gardens feature more mature houses built in the 1970s, this is a great Riverbend area to live in with larger backyards, beautiful ravine walking trails along the river valley, and steps away from Fort Edmonton Park.

View all Brander Gardens homes for sale

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Living in Bulyea Heights

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Bulyea Heights is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by the Whitemud Creek Ravine South, Terwillegar Drive, and Rabbit Hill in real estate zone 14.

Also known as "Brookview", several of the houses for sale in Bulyea Heights will back onto either the ravine or a walking trail with trails leading to Ogilvie Ridge, Aspen Gardens & Westbrook Estate.

This Riverbend community features many green spaces and parks with donated community benches to sit down and take in its beautiful natural surroundings. It is also known for the ample "free poop bag dispensers", situated beside a garbage can.

Bulyea Heights was named after Gorge Hedley Vicars Bulyea (1859-1928) who was the first Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta, elected in 1905, and served until 1915. Recently, on the western portion of Bulyea Heights, south of the Brookview strip mall, a new condominium complex was added along with additional walking trails to allow for more affordability in this Riverbend community.

Bulyea Heights was one of the first communities in Edmonton to have an HOA fee which covers the maintenance of fences, the clock tower, tennis courts, and the skating rink. Development in Bulyea Heights, Riverbend began in 1979 and was created for a low-density residential neighborhood that took maximum advantage of its natural surroundings.

There are two bungalow-style duplex retirement complexes on Oeming Road and Butterworth Pointe. The more executive houses in Bulyea Heights with triple garages are found near Butchard Drive. House prices in Bulyea Heights will range from the low 500,000's to luxury house prices and are ranked one of the cities top best 10 neighborhoods to live in.

View all Bulyea Heights homes for sale

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Where to get a mortgage preapproval

You can get a mortgage preapproval from mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Different lenders may have different interest rates and conditions for similar products. Talk to several lenders to make sure you’re getting the best mortgage product for your needs. It’s important to be comfortable with the lender and the mortgage options they offer you, right from the start. Payout penalties, delaying mortgage payments (if needed), terms and qualifications, the amount of time for a held interest rate in a mortgage agreement will vary with the financial institution.

A mortgage preapproval checklist

Purchasing a home is an exciting process, but gathering all the required documents can be a daunting task. Below is a mortgage document checklist will help you ensure that you have the documentation you need.

  • Employment and Income Verification (Usually last 3 years when self-employed)
  • Confirmation of your down payment or a gift letter
  • Current employment and amount of other monthly income
  • Savings or investments statements within the last 90 days
  • Copy of recent payslips
  • Evidence of recent pay deposited
  • T1 General and associated Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  • Withdrawals from RRSP through the Home Buyer’s Plan, if applicable
  • Previous employment (if required)
  • Additional income sources (if any)
  • Basic financials property details
  • A list of current assets and liabilities 
  • Bank account and transit number for payments
  • A copy of the accepted purchase and sale agreement including the property’s full address, legal description and postal code along with estimated property tax estimates, condo fees and/or heating costs
  • For rural properties, well and septic certificates

Our RE/MAX Realtors have several in-house mortgage brokers to help our clients. Contact us today for a list of recommended associates.

This pre-approval process does not guarantee your approval for a mortgage. Once you have a written offer, both the offer and your financial assessment will go through another check.

IMPORTANT: Do not make any large purchases until you have physically moved into your new home and the title has been transferred. A financial institution reserves the right to pull the mortgage away from you even on possession day. This is usually done due to a job loss or a double check on your credit.

Free Mortgage Preapprovals

Have one of our RE/MAX in-house mortgage brokers contact you for a free ;pre-approval. Simply contact us and we will put you in touch with a mortgage specilists with great interest rates.at your preferred financial intitution.

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Molstad House

Historical Edmonton Homes

The Molstad House in Bonnie Doon Edmonton is situated at 9633 95 Avenue NW, minutes to downtown core and steps away from the Millcreek ravine.

This two-story brick and wood Bonnie Doon house originally rested on five acres of land and was surrounded by a circular driveway, fountains, and trees. 1912 built for Edmonton realtor Edward H. Molstad and wife Addie, the house became well known in the community for its annual Christmas parties for local children. In its day it was considered ultra-modern and boasted oak paneling, hardwood floors, sculptured ceilings, brass chandeliers, and an unusual fireplace in the dining room. On the second floor, there were five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Living quarters for the cook, maid and other help for the Molstad’s farm were in the upper portion of the house.

In 1931 the residence was converted into an apartment building, but the Molstad’s continued to live in a part of the house. Edward H. Molstad passed away in 1953 and Addie in 1982, but their home found new life under the guiding hands of Walter and Jean Kipp, who undertook considerable renovations, restoring this wonderful home to its original glory. Its importance has been acknowledged by the City of Edmonton, becoming the first residential building to receive the historical designation.

This Bonnie Doon area house has been awarded the Edmonton Historical Board Plaque Award. It was last sold on the MLS system in 2015 for only $945,000 by our Remax Elite real estate broker. For more information or to learn the value of your Bonnie Doon Edmonton homes, contact us at 780-910-5179.




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Samuels Residence

Historical Edmonton Homes

The Samuels Residence is located in the Glenora area at 13842 Ravine Drive. It was designed by McKernan and Bouey Architects. The original owners were Joseph and Fanny Samuels. The Samuels Residence was built in the newly developing neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Glenora. It was a showpiece of the new modernism that was emerging in home design, particularly with its flat room and rectangular forms and volumes.

This west-central house incorporates large expanses of glass that accentuate the relationship of the inside to the outdoors. Light also falls deep into the house through a row of continuous clerestory windows. An angled plan that conforms to the property lines creates a deep, front entrance garden recess, which draws visitors into the house. The landscaping around the house makes use of the Mugo pines which were added later and were popular in the mid-century Modern period to provide visual privacy.

There is no MLS real estate sale activity on this Glenora home. It is currently assessed by the city at $1,091,000. For more information or to learn the value of your Glenora Edmonton homes, contact us at 780-910-5179.




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The Edmonton Garrison military facilities include:

The Twin Rinks Arena features an NHL standard rink and an outdoor community rink. The indoor rinks are open year-round for rentals, community skating, and military activities.

A Hobby Shop includes a woodshop and a fully functional Auto Shop with a wash bay, paint booth, and hoists. 

A Community Centre that offers several facilities including the Military Family Resource Centre, a licensed Day Care, Playschool, Library, Youth Centre, and several multi-purpose rooms used for community functions and events.

A community garden is divided into small plots for individual horticultural efforts where you can grow a wide variety of plants and flowers that are suited to the local climate used by the Edmonton Garrison Horticulture Club.

The Garrison Memorial Equestrian Centre is home to the Lord Strathcona Mounted Troop. CFB Garrison Equestrian Centre includes a large indoor riding arena, several outdoor riding arenas, and a 42 stall barn. Boarding is available for reasonable prices.

Memorial Golf & Curling Club for a great golf experience that prides itself on course conditions, quality of service, and products. Although it is catered to the military, it is also open to the public. The golf course has now been stretched with championship tees totaling near 7000 yards along with an enjoyable 5100 from our forward tees. 

The Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC), established in 1989 is committed to enriching the lives of individuals and families in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) through positive action, education, and support. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of military spouses, CF members, and ex-officio members. 

The Garrison Officers' Mess hosts a wide variety of functions for military members throughout the year. The Mess has a very relaxing lounge that can accommodate up to 200+ persons. There are two conference rooms that can hold up to 40 people. The formal dining room can seat 200 people for your dining pleasure.

The Garrison warrant officer's & sergeant officer's Mess hold various functions for its Members throughout the year. The Mess has two rooms on the upper level that are available for private and unit functions and can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 300 guests.

The Edmonton Garrison Jr Ranks Mess has 2 rooms on the upper level that are available for private and unit functions and can accommodate up to 200+ persons, as well as a Sports Bar on the lower level for Members. The Jr Ranks Mess also has a comfortably furnished patio area that features patio heaters and two BBQs for use.

Edmonton Garrison Fitness Centre is a full-service recreation center with a wide range of facilities and services that are also open to the general public. CFB Garrison Fitness Centre includes an aquatic facility with a 25-yard main pool basin, a temperate leisure pool basin, and a whirlpool. There is a climbing wall of concrete construction with 12 lanes of top-rope climbing, ample bouldering space, and a limited number of lanes for leading climbing. Its unusual concrete construction comes with purpose-made cracks for jamming and the use of assists.

The Tactical Athlete Room includes a brand new training room with a large rig and an extensive selection of equipment to meet the needs of any functional fitness enthusiast. The Unarmed Combat Room and martial arts facilities include an unarmed combat room that features padded floors suitable for wresting or grapple forms of martial arts, gymnastics and yoga programs.

The Fieldhouse is a multi-functional facility that includes 3 regulation size basketball courts, a 200m indoor running track, a regulation size soccer pitch, and all the basketball courts can be converted to suit a variety of other sports including tennis, floor hockey, and badminton. The upper gym is a standard hardwood floor gymnasium suitable for a variety of sports including volleyball, badminton, and basketball. Squash Courts are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

The large Weights & Cardio Room is continuously updated according to modern trends and the demands of our users.  The weights & cardio room is equipped with every piece of equipment to satisfy the needs of the most discerning fitness enthusiast.

Need more information for your relocation move to Edmonton? Contact us at 780-910-5179.

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William Blakey Residence

Historical Edmonton Homes

The William Blakey house is located in Glenora at 13526 101 Avenue NW near other prime real estate and other historical west-central Edmonton houses.

William Blakey was one of Edmonton’s most influential architects. He arrived in our city in 1907 following his brother and fellow architect, Richard, to the rapidly growing city. While Richard rose to become Provincial Architect from 1912 to 1924, William worked mostly in private practice. A number of his early buildings survive including Christ Church Anglican Church, Highlands United Church, the Masonic Temple, and the Garneau Theatre. Several of these buildings have since been demolished including the old Edmonton Journal building and the T. Eaton store.

By the 1940s Blakey’s ideas on architecture were evolving, and he became a firm supporter of modernism in building design and construction. He designed several strongly modernist churches such as St. Anthony’s and St. Agnes for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and schools for the Edmonton Separate School Board. He also designed this Glenora house for his family in 1946 to reflect his advocacy of slab grade construction and other innovations in construction methods and materials. It features a symmetrical plan with a flat roof, large overhanging eaves, corner windows, and unornamented wall surfaces. These are all characteristic of the International Style, and this residence is one of Edmonton’s finest examples of this important architectural movement.

This prime location Edmonton house sold in 1996 for only $140,000. It was on the MLS market in 2013 with an asking price of $1,295,000. For more information or to learn the value of your Glenora Edmonton home, contact us at 780-910-5179.




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Dr Terwillegar Residence

Historical Edmonton Homes

The historical Dr. Terwillegar Residence is located at 10727 125 Street in Westmount. This west-central Edmonton house features nearly 10 foot high ceilings on the main floor, stately bay window in the living room, high baseboards, heated entry, veranda/sunroom, storm windows throughout, hardwood, dormer windows on the front and rear of the upper floor, cast iron tub, and more.

James Carruthers purchased much of Malcolm Groat’s homestead in the early 1900s. He subdivided the land, determined that Westmount would be a trimmed down extension of Glenora, the prestigious neighborhood nearby. The communities attracted businessmen, professionals, and their families in record numbers. Westmount grew to be the greatest concentration of houses in our city at the time.

Architect John Martland designed this home for Charles W. Coppock in 1912 on one of the first lots to be developed in the new community. The artful simplicity, efficient use of space, extensive use of natural wood, and open eaves exemplify this Craftsman bungalow, although it remains distinct in its inclusion of a hipped rather than gabled roof. Martland later became the city architect, designing the Municipal Golf Course, the City Market, and two hangars at the Municipal Airport.

The physician and surgeon, Dr. Norman Terwillegar, his wife Dorothy, and their three children moved to this home in 1920. Terwillegar earned a city-wide reputation for his devotion to his patients at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and in his private practice, based from his home later in his career. In tribute to the good doctor’s character and influence in his practice, and during his tenures as president of the Edmonton Academy of Medicine and the Alberta Medical Society, the city named a southwestern community Terwillegar Heights in the 1960s. Dr. Terwillegar died in 1948. This house remained his family’s home until 1959.

The historical Dr. Terwillegar house was last sold in 2013 by one of our Edmonton Remax Realtors for $575,000. For more information or to learn the value of your Glenora Edmonton homes, contact us at 780-910-5179.




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Living in an Edmonton Energy Efficient Homes

What is a Net Zero Home

Net Zero Homes produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 80% more energy-efficient than typical homes and use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need. Every part of the house works together to provide consistent temperatures throughout, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens. The result: exceptional energy performance and the ultimate in comfort – a home at the forefront of sustainability. It all adds up to a better living experience.

Why choose a Net Zero Home?

With a Net Zero Home, your utility bills will fall to an all-time low and stay low all year round, protects you from future increases in energy prices, and over time, that could be a very big deal. Net Zero Homes are built to higher standards than conventional new homes with high performance, warm windows, and better-insulated walls and roofs. Net Zero Home produces as much energy as it consumes and is up to 80% more energy-efficient than a home built to conventional standards with a built-in filtered fresh air system that reduces allergens and asthma triggers, such as dust, pollen, and outdoor air pollution.

Parts of a Net Zero Home

Brighter Lighting

  • If you improve your home’s overall lighting by installing larger windows and skylights, getting rid of the heavy drapes or curtains altogether, and painting the interior with brighter colors, it will make your home brighter and reduce the need of using electrical bulbs.

Types of Windows

  • Most of the heat loss in a building escapes through the windows. With this in mind, good windows are critical in a Net Zero Energy home. Triple pane windows with a Low-E film, Argon insulating gas, and insulating spacers between panes are a good choice. In a northern climate, the glazing should be optimized to encourage solar energy to flow into the home while insulating to reduce heat loss to the outdoors. High-quality frames with certified sealing systems are recommended.

Solar Electricity

  • Solar-electric systems use photovoltaic modules to generate electricity. The arrays can be grid-tied, meaning that the home will provide energy to the electrical grid during the day, while drawing from the electrical grid during the evenings or when the home needs more energy than can be generated. These Solar photovoltaic systems can also be connected to batteries to store excess energy. This opens up the opportunity to disconnect from the electric grid and eliminates the costs of line service charges from utility companies.

Window Placing

  • South-facing windows allow more energy from the sun to be absorbed by the thermal mass of the concrete floor. This thermal mass gathers the heat energy in the daytime, releasing it in the nighttime hours. South-facing backyards in Edmonton have always been a hot item, now they are in more of a demand with Net Zero Energy homes.

Insulation Products

  • There are several insulation products used to insulate the Net Zero Energy homes. A few of them are the expanded polystyrene which is often used under the concrete floor in the basement. A combination of insulation materials contributes to a well-insulated Net Zero Energy home. Some of these materials are wall-time spray foam, compressed cellulose which is made predominantly from post-consumer recycled paper, and glass fiber batt insulation.

Geothermal Systems

  • Geothermal heating is a Ground Source Heat Pump or a GSHP and requires a higher initial investment, but with proper engineering and the right soil conditions, it can run at approximately 250% efficiency leading to long-term energy savings.

Air Source Heat Pump

  • An air-source heat pump is a heating option used in Net Zero Energy homes which are designed for cold weather climates like here in Edmonton Alberta. Efficiencies range from 100%-400% depending on the outdoor temperature. The Belgravia Green home in Edmonton is an example of a Net Zero Energy home heated by an air source heat pump.

The Ventilation

  • High efficient heat recovery ventilators or HRV are also very important in a Net Zero Energy home that uses low electricity due to its commutated motors. These units provide fresh air by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. This allows the home to be both extremely energy efficient and a healthy environment.
More Energy Efficient Items
  • Replace household appliances that can drain a lot of power by choosing energy-star-rated ones, replace water wasters with low flush toilets and low flow showerheads & faucets and replace bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.

Where to find an energy-efficient home in Edmonton

Most new builds in Edmonton are now energy-efficient homes which have arose from high demand in our city. The Blatchford community is an up-and-coming community near the downtown core that focuses on the environment and saving our natural resources. There are also several homes in both the University and Bonnie Doon areas where special attention has been given to mature houses making these homes net zero properties.

If you own a net-zero or energy-efficient home in Edmonton and would like to sell, please contact us. We have buyers waiting for houses like yours.

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Dr L.A. Miller Residence

Historical Edmonton Homes

The Dr L.A. Miller Residence built by George Pradhan in 1938 is located at 13108 103 Avenue in the prestigious community of Glenora in west-central Edmonton.

This distinctive Streamline Moderne house is situated on Churchill Crescent in Glenora. Montreal businessman and developer James Carruthers bought land originally owned by Malcolm Groat and began to develop this west end neighbourhood in 1906. Carruthers named the area and placed a caveat on future development that dictated a high level of design standard. These regulations were implemented to ensure that Glenora would remain a prestigious development. It succeeded in its aim and very soon became an enclave of the professional and commercial elite of our municipality.

The first resident of this house was Dr L.A. Miller in 1937. The building permit is dated April 20, 1937, making this house a very early example of the Streamline Moderne Style in Edmonton. George Prudhamwas an active building and developer in the 1930s. In 1942 he incorporated Prudham Construction Ltd. and in 1944, he opened Prudham’s Lumber Yard south of Whyte Avenue. In 1949, he was elected as a Liberal MP for the west end.

This impressive residence is an excellent example of the Streamline Moderne Style that is typified by the use of strong horizontal composition, flat roofs, stucco walls, corner windows, continuous ‘speed lines’ in the stucco above the upper windows., curved entrance canopy with recessed entrance and an incorporated garage with a broad canopy that is supported on triple steel columns. The room above the garage is a sympathetic addition.

In addition to the Dr L.A. Miller Residence, there are several other Glenora homes constructed in the same time period, which feature the same high level of design standards. Like other historical Edmonton houses, there is no MLS sales history on this home. For more information or to learn the value of your Glenora  Edmonton home, contact us at 780-910-5179.

Read more about the history of Glenora Edmonton below:

Protected by an early 1900s regulation, Glenora has virtually no commercial or religious development and is home to some of the earliest estates in the city.

Malcolm Groat began working for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) at age twenty-five after signing on in 1861 in his home country of Scotland. He was posted to Fort Edmonton and was put in charge of the farming operations and packhorses. In 1970, after the HBC selected their 3,000 land reserve around Fort Edmonton, Groat claimed 900 acres of land along the western edge of the reserve for himself and retired there in 1878 with his wife Marguerite, daughter of Chief Factor William Joseph Christie, and their nine children. His homestead was officially endorsed when Dominion Land Surveyors arrived in 1881. Their property stood from today’s 121 Street to 149 Street, and from the river valley to 111 Avenue.

The town of Edmonton was developing rapidly when Groat sold much of his property to a real estate developer in 1903. It changed hands again in 1906 when James Carruthers purchased it. He named the area on the west side of Groat Ravine ‘Glenora’ and decided early that this would be a prestigious area. Carruthers limited religious buildings and commercial development in the neighbourhood, instead of selling Glenora properties with the caveat that stated in part that “the houses to be erected on the said land shall be either detached or semi-detached and the sum to be expended on the erection of such house shall not be less than $3,500 [to] $5,000” depending on the particular lot. Carruthers also sold the new Alberta government land for the Lieutenant-Governor’s residence and invested in bridges across the ravines that separated Glenora from the new city of Edmonton. Council ran a streetcar line west in 1910 ultimately securing the success of the suburb. By the time the HBC sold off their reserve holdings in 1912 Glenora was home to many professionals; several of their original residences still stand with almost twenty listed as Edmonton Historic resources.

The neighbourhood is set apart due to Carruther’s caveats and the influence of the Garden City movement of the late nineteenth century. This trend promoted low-density residential lots and emphasized a parklike environment and the recreational use of areas like Groat Ravine. The sixteen grand homes facing Alexander Circle at 133 Street and 103 Avenue typify this movement. Likewise, the neighbourhood’s plan includes irregularly sized lots on streets that follow the flow and topography of the river valley and ravines, a sharp contrast to the grid system prevalent in the rest of the city. Some of Edmonton’s best architects were retained to design the period revival homes, post-war residences, and demonstration houses that populate Glenora.

From the outset, the neighbourhood was prescribed to be accessible to vehicles in part due to the relative distance of Glenora to downtown and the ability of its residents to afford such luxuries. Instead of relying upon a more common stable, for example, Dr Robert Wells, whose residence stands on Connaught Drive, built one of the first carriage houses in the city. Some of Edmonton’s first garages were also constructed in Glenora.

Although highly influenced by its proximity to the area’s first homes south of Stony Plain Road and east of 135 Street, development of the northern portion of the community in the early 1920s contrasted to “Old Glenora” and its protection under the Carruthers caveat. The northern-most homes of Glenora face cul-de-sacs designed in the post-war boom of the 1950s.

The Alberta Government opened the Royal Alberta Museum in 1967 on the site of the Lieutenant-Governor’s residence. Due to the exclusive nature of the area’s residences, which were constructed with dancing, dining, and formal entertainment in mind, the museum is the only purpose-built cultural and entertainment facility in the neighbourhood.




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The Chown Residence

Historical Edmonton Homes

The Chown Residence is located at 11141 - 62 Street, originally called Grace Street, in the Highlands near the famous Magrath Mansion.

The Chown residence was built in 1912 during the pre-World War One land boom in Edmonton and the development of the Highlands area as an affluent community. The large two and one-half story house, with stately wrap-around veranda, balcony, and gables, was designed by William Moorehouse, a prominent architect in the area. Moorehouse designed a number of features in Edmonton during this period. The Chowns were a prominent business family, operating a very successful jewelry store. Thus, the Chown residence makes the historical connection to early real estate and commerce in our municipality.

The Chown Residence was one of several Foursquares built in the Highlands before WWI, the Chown Residence was one of the more elaborate homes along the street following its construction. This two-story residence was built in 1912 by Magrath-Holgate Ltd. The residence was built in the Foursquare style with features including wood shingle and clapboard siding, a hipped roof with gables, and wide eaves with scroll-cut brackets around the house. Across the front (east) façade, is a verandah, which supports an open gable-roofed balcony. The verandah is supported by a number of paired columns and provides an open roof to the front porch. The residence is structured on a concrete foundation including a basement level. Situated around the house are a number of bay windows, which provided natural light to the interior.

Russell Chown, the owner of Chown Hardware, purchased this house from Magrath-Holgate Ltd. in December 1913. Due to the economic downturn, Chown’s business suffered and by 1924, Chown and his family left Edmonton. Although Magrath-Holgate Ltd. foreclosed the mortgage in 1922, Chown and his family continued living there for two years until they departed Edmonton. By this point, the house had decreased substantially in value and in 1924 the house was converted into two suites. In 1931, the house was foreclosed on by the Edmonton Credit Company and it was not until 1946 that the house finally regained and surpassed its original value of $7,000.

According to the Henderson Directories, the house remained a dual-family residence until 1960 when it was converted back into a single-family home. Like other historical Edmonton houses, there is no MLS sales history on this home. For more information or to learn the value of your Highlands Edmonton homes, contact us at 780-910-5179.




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