Griesbach - North Edmonton

The Griesbach community has an identifiable architectural character that has been established to keep a consistent image throughout the mix of real estate uses. The theme is communicated through Architectural detail, massing, and color palettes that emphasize a combination of Heritage contemporary design with warm tones and accent colors at specific locations. There is an emphasis on stone or masonry finishes is encouraged on selected building elements. Griesbach has dedicated 26% of its land use to green spaces, retention lakes, and natural habitats.

Patricia Lake & Park

This Griesbach park site was created to honor one of Canada’s most accomplished military regiments – The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. It was created in memory of the almost 2,000 soldiers from (PPCLI) who have given their lives in the service of the regiment over the past 100 years.

On May 8th, 1915 the PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) was attacked at Frezenberg and Bellewaerde Ridges. By the end of the final German assault, the Patricia’s were reduced from 554 to four officers and 150 men. The Memorial is a replica of the original monument to the Patricia’s which is located near their heroic stand at Bellewaerde. The original monument includes the inscription “Here 8th May 1915, the originals of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry commanded by their founder Major A Hamilton Gault held firm and counted not the cost. 

Canada’s first soldiers died in Afghanistan in April 2002 when a “friendly fire “incident killed four and wounded eight members of the PPCLI. The four trees that surround Patricia Park represent not only the four Edmonton soldiers but all those killed and injured in Afghanistan and are a tribute to their sacrifice and courage. 

A time capsule containing regimental artifacts and items of significance is encapsulated in a specifically designed cavity in the Patricia Park Memorial with the intent that it will be retrieved from the memorial and opened on August 10, 2064, on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Regiment. The artifacts represent the first 100 years of the service by the regiment. Also inside are three letters from Pte. Cole Lisowski, Pte. Mark Brushett and Pte. Dylan Renaud, three of the youngest members on active duty with the PPCLI, was given the task and honor of returning to the site 50 years from the unveiling to open the capsule.

The dedication of Patricia Park, in the community of Griesbach, offers Patricia’s and civilian citizens a place to reflect on both the achievements and sacrifices of the PPCLI, with over a thousand names of those Patricias lost because of active duty etched on a wall of honor. “This memorial will pay homage to that same courage and sacrifice of Patricias through the last hundred years and the next hundred years,” said Laurie Hawn, member of parliament representing Edmonton Centre.

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Terwillegar - Southwest Edmonton Homes

Terwillegar Heights is situated south of Riverbend in southwest Edmonton. It is bordered by Anthony Henday, south of 23 Avenue and west of the Whitemud Creek Ravine There are three main attractions in Terwillegar - The large new family recreation center, the many playgrounds and green spaces for children to play, and thirdly, some of Edmonton's most beautiful and award-winning houses with contemporary design and superior craftsmanship.

Both Terwillegar Towne and South Terwillegar homes are in real estate 14 near Riverbend, west of the MacTaggart luxury neighboghood. Terwillegar Heights is a great place to live for young families and first-time buyers with newer affordable residential real estate constructed after 2005 and offers your children to explore plenty of green space, play parks, and community lakes. Single-family detached houses here range from smaller two-stories to upper-scale properties.

Magrath Heights houses are west of Twin Brooks, south of 23 Avenue, and bounded by Rabbit Hill Road. Similar to MacTaggart, Magrath Heights property owners enjoy easy access to the Whitemud Creek ravine with ample walking trails, open green space, and natural woodland habitats connecting to Kaskitayo. Residential real estate in Magrath Heights is newer dwellings constructed over the last few decades consisting of upper-scale condominiums, executive style duplexes, and luxury houses along May Common.

MacTaggart, west of the Kaskitayo district and south of the luxurious Magrath Heights community. Living in a highly sought-after MacTaggart home allows homeowners the enjoyment of easy access to nearby ravines with ample walking trails and natural woodland habitats. Houses for sale in MacTaggart are newer executive-style properties and upper-class apartment condominiums and a few townhouses. There are also a few luxury homes that run along McLuhan Bluff, Mullen & MacTaggart Crest, and recently built homes along May Common.

Leger is a small residential community best known for the Terwillegar Recreation Centre. Residents of Leger enjoy the close proximity to Lillian Osbourne, Mother Mary Catholic High School, and the newer Recreation Center. These southwest Edmonton homes are more affordable with several duplexes featuring attached garages.

Hodgson is a relatively new, smaller community, west of the Whitemud Creek Ravine, south of Ogilvie Ridge, and bounded by 23 Avenue and Rabbit Hill. Living in Hodgson Edmonton offers homeowners and residents access to river valley walking trails, natural woodland habitats, and nearby amenities.

Haddow is between Terwillegar Heights and Riverbend. The majority of these Terwillegar homes for sale were built after 2000, with some of the first real estate development occurring in the mid-1990s. The predominant property type is an executive style, move-up, and luxury houses. There are a few duplexes, townhouses, and bungalow-style condominiums in Haddow which are popular with retired couples.

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Kaskitayo - South Edmonton

The best part about living in Kaskitayo is the proximity to several ravine trails which connect to Riverbend and Terwillegar. It is a few minutes to South Edmonton Common and Big Bear Park. Kaskitayo homes are built from the mid-1960s to the mid-1990s with an average asking price for a house at $475,000. They are a mix of upper-scale bungalows/ bilevels and two-story houses.

Twin Brooks is the newest community in Kaskitayo. It is nestled away from the busy streets between two ravines. House prices in Twin Brooks are based largely on the proximity to the Whitemud and the Blackmud Creek ravines. There are a few duplexes and condominiums here and a great place to purchase kaskitayo homes for sale when begining your real estate journey.

Sweet Grass is located south of the Derrick Golf and Winter Club. It is named for Cree Chief Sweet Grass, "who was one of the early west's first conservationists and instrumental in the protection of the Plains Bison.

Steinhauer is near the Southgate LRT and shopping center. Like most nearby Kaskitayo neighborhoods, Steinhauer dwellings are constructed in the seventies and offer a mix of townhouses and stand-alone properties with almost a quarter of townhouses and row houses.

Skyrattler is near the Kaskitayo ravine bounded by 111 Street, 23 Avenue, and the prominent Blackmud Creek Ravine. One of the most popular condo styles is the coach home for main floor living with a private entrance. Townhouses and low-rise apartments make the majority of residential housing in this portion of southwest Edmonton.

Keheewin is sometimes called "Yellowbird" with the majority of houses built in the 1980s. Single-detached houses are the predominant type of dwelling.

Also referred to as Petrolia, Ermineskin properties feature good-sized bungalows and luxury houses situated on larger than average lots. It is named for Chief Ermineskin of Hobbema, some of the first residential houses in the area were built in the 1960s with more development to follow in 1970.

Blue Quill Estates is a luxury community surrounded by the Kaskitayo Ravine, nestled between Whitemud Creek Ravine South off of 119 Street and 23 Avenue, across from the luxury community of Magrath Heights. Blue Quill Estates properties were originally constructed for an elite buyer and still attract the same demographics today.

Bearspaw is a highly sought neighborhood with houses overlooking the Blackmud Creek ravine making this an ideal place to purchase a beautiful property. Bearspaw house prices are a bit higher price per square foot than the average Kaskitayo house due to the proximity of its amenities.


Griesbach - North Edmonton

Griesbach homes are situated on the former site of the Canadian Forces Base in north Edmonton which has now won the best community award on the local (CHBA Edmonton Region), provincial (BILD Alberta), and national levels. Congratulations to Griesbach developer Canada Lands for winning “Best New Community” for Griesbach at the national level! Canada Lands has won awards at the local level for the neighborhood, but to be singled out amidst all neighborhoods in Canada at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association National Awards for Housing Excellence is an astounding achievement. Congratulations to all residents for making this a beautiful community to live in.

Throughout the Griesbach neighborhood, there are several statues representing our Canadian Military heritage. This is one of the neighborhoods in Edmonton that is always aked about when our military members are on thier house hunting trips.  Learn more about each of these Griesbach statues below:

Major General Griesbach Parade

The Griesbach Edmonton community is named after Major-General William Antrobus Griesbach, a veteran of the First World War, Second World War, and the Boer War. Major General Griesbach stands to watch over the community named in his honor through a statue located on Griesbach Parade and Gault Boulevard. He is depicted riding a horse as he played a key role in establishing a militia cavalry unit based out of Edmonton called The Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

Griesbach was born in Fort Qu'Appelle in the Northwest Territories, the son of Henry Arthur Griesbach, a North-West Mounted Police officer who was transferred to command Fort Saskatchewan in 1883. William Griesbach left the rest of the family in 1891 in order to attend St. John's College in Winnipeg. Upon graduating in 1895, he returned to Edmonton and worked in a law firm and the Imperial Bank, then to study law.

Griesbach enlisted with the Canadian Mounted Rifles in 1899 to fight in the Second Boer War. During his service, he was awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal and received four bars. Upon his return in 1901, he opened a law office of his own.

Griesbach's first bid for political office took place in the 1903 Edmonton election but was more successful in the 1904 election when he was elected to a one-year term as an alderman to Edmonton's first city council placing eighth. He resigned as alderman one year into his term in order to run for mayor in the 1906 Edmonton election. Griesbach was victorious, collecting more than sixty percent of the votes, becoming the youngest mayor in the city's history.

In 1906, Griesbach was commissioned as a lieutenant in the 19th Alberta Dragoons. He was promoted to captain in 1907. When World War I broke out, the Dragoons volunteered as a unit. In December of that year, Griesbach was promoted to major assigned to command the 49th Battalion. He was able to recruit 1000 men in eight days in January 1915. The unit served in various engagements, including the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the Battle of Arras, the Third Battle of Ypres, and the liberation of Mons.

In 1917, Griesbach was promoted to Brigadier-General and assigned command of the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade of the 1st Canadian Division. Griesbach was awarded the Distinguished Service Order twice and the Victorian Decoration for long service and during World War II, Griesbach was made Inspector General of the Canadian Army for Western Canada and was promoted to the rank of Major-General. He retired from that position in 1943.

William Griesbach was elected to the House of Commons of Canada as a Government member for the riding of Edmonton West in the 1917 election, defeating incumbent Laurier Liberal Frank Oliver. He served until 15 September 1921, when he was appointed to the Senate of Canada, which he served until his death.

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Heritage Valley - Southwest Edmonton

Heritage Valley is one of our largest and newest districts located in far southwest Edmonton established in 2001. The nearby Currents of Windermere and Southgate shopping centers offer a variety of retail, dining, and medical and dental options. Heritage Valley builders include Daytona, Flourish, Brookfield Residential, Sterling, Bedrock, Silver Point, and Blackmud Communities Inc. 

The international Airport, Jagare Ridge Golf Club off of Ellerslie Road, and South Edmonton Common are also nearby. Each community has plenty of green spaces, and walking trails for homeowners to enjoy. Heritage Valley street are named after Edmontonians. There is also a new future hospital with plans underway and plans to extend the LRT.

The Heritage Valley is more popular with a younger demographic, allowing them to own air-tight homes with high-efficiency appliances keeping real estate ownership costs at a minimum. If you don't mind waiting for landscaping to be completed and live with the noise of nearby constructed, the Heritage Valley is a great place to find some real estate deals.

Paisley homes are very affordable and range from move-up middle-class houses to several choices of townhouse-style condominiums and duplexes.

The majority of Hays Ridge features luxury houses near the Jagare Ridge Golf Club. Real estate in this part of our city ranges in the style and year constructed, but almost every house backs onto or faces a green space.

Desrochers, also known as Creekwood features several four-plexes and many styles of duplexes. Some of these new duplexes are extremely large with a smaller price tag than a detached house, making it an ideal choice for new buyers.

Chappelle, also known as "Creekwood Edmonton" is located south of Jagare Ridge Golf Course. Chappelle offers newer properties constructed during and after our last real estate boom, creating a surplus of dwellings to choose from.

Cavanagh house prices vary and are based more on the quality of the builder as opposed to the square footage of these homes.

Bordered by Callaghan and James Mowatt Trail, south of Ellerslie, Allard features newer duplexes and new builds ranging from upper-scale and luxury houses to apartment-style condominiums.

The majority of Graydon Hill properties are two-story houses featuring attached and detached garages built within the last few years. The architectural guidelines for this community use natural elements such as stone, wood, and timber details to achieve a uniquely alpine look throughout this part of our city.


Edmonton Communities for Dog Lovers

Edmonton has over 40 dog park and off-leash areas where your best friend can run and play without having you on the other end of the leash. You too can get physical and emotional benefits from exercise and by socializing with other dog owners.

My top 3 places to live for Edmonton dog owners are near

Buena Vista - Great Meadow: A large off-leash dog park near the valley zoo, north of Laurier Park and south of Melton Ravine in the Glenora area. The Buena Vista Dog Park features an open off-leash area, access to the river valley for those dogs who love to swim, park benches, ample parking and river valley trails with maps for walking and cycling. Note* No smoking or vaping tobacco or cannabis in this park.

Hermitage Point South located between 129 Avenue and 137 Avenue, 22 Street and the River Valley in northeast Edmonton. It features plenty of natural walking trails, picnic sites, Ambassador, portable toilets, seasonal summer fishing and a large off-leash dog area. Our Edmonton Ambassadors at the Hermitage Park Dog Park help improve the quality of our off-leash areas, and enhance the user experience for human and canine visitors by encouraging positive interactions, and creating a culture of community at the park. Homes near the Hermitage Point South Dog Park are very reasonably priced. 

Terwillegar Dog Park in southwest Edmonton accessible via Rabbit Hill in the Riverbend District. Although the Terwillegar Dog Park is a multi-use area, it is most popular for pet lovers with larger canines. This park also has a 262-metre-long footbridge that links the park to Oleskiw River Valley Park on the north side of the river, perfect for long strolls with your best friend.

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