Military Commission & TPSP Structure

For BGRS Approved Realtors

Working as a Realtor® third-party service provider through the relocation programs administered by the BGRS Canadian Government Services Division for our military members (RCMP & CAF), we have agreed to the mandated policies. Below are some keynotes, terms and conditions of the TPSP network and policy structure administered by relocation services for the Government of Canada who help our DND military members with their postings and must abide by.

Your chosen BGRS representative Realtor® must

  • be in good standing and professionally accredited
  • may be required to upload certifications to the Supplier Secure Website upon BGRS’s request
  • a local supplier (within 100 km) of the service area they have selected under the TPSP Directory
  • hold a valid license to practice real estate in the posted province
  • have a minimum of two years of experience as a Realtor®
  • available to meet your needs and timelines in accordance with the service standards identified in the Brookfield agreement.

  • return all phone calls, messages, or emails within eight business hours.

  • comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and with the BGRS privacy policy.

Your chosen BGRS representative Realtor® can not

  • charge additional costs such as travel. If your agent chooses to charge additional fees such as the cost to market your home, professional photos or measuring companies - These costs will not be covered by Brookfield. If transferee services are acquired which are not listed in TPSP agreement (see below), the Realtor® must seek payment directly from the seller for those services.
  • represent any transferee, military member (RCMP, CAF) in which they are related. They must be at an arms-length relationship. This includes siblings, cousins and persons related by marriage.
  • list a property which is located further than 100 km of the Realtor® selected service area.
  • dispute the mandated commission fee with the transferee. The Realtor®, by signing up as a Third Party Service Provider in the TPSP Directory has already agreed to work with the set commission structure. Currently, in the province of Alberta, the military commission is set at 3.5% on the total sale price. For RCMP members, commissions are set at 3.25% on the total sale price. 
  • fail to honour the agreement in any way or provide unsatisfactory service to the military member, BGRS has the authority to remove them from the TPSP Directory.

A Realtor® representing the transferee on the sale of their property, may with written consent, refer the military member to another agent in the new posted location to act on their purchase.

As per the TPSP agreement, your chosen Realtor® will provide a traditional full-service model for the agreed-upon military commission to fully market your home including the following:

  • Marketing advice, including research comparable active listings and sales to establish a competitive and attractive list price. (also known as a comparative market analysis (CMA)
  • Make suggestions on de-cluttering, repairs and other tips to allow your home show its optimal best. Note: If you choose to stage your property, this cost is not covered by Brookfield relocation.
  • Write a description of the property and amenities which will be displayed on the public MLS system & A tech-savvy real estate agent can add additional links to maximize the exposure of your property.
  • List the property for sale to the public on MLS in addition to any other methods.
  • Provide signage in accordant to the provincial guidelines for the front yard with contact information for the real estate office/ Realtor.
  • Advertise the property. This includes advertising in local newspapers, and in the case of unique properties, in national newspapers. Advertising may also include social media and digital marketing.
  • Ensure that all marketing incentives are clearly identified on the original or amended Property Listing Agreement and the Offer to Purchase Documents.
  • Hold an open house to show the property. - Yes Open houses are one of the items which have been agreed upon
  • Serve as a contact available to answer any questions about the property and schedule showing appointments.
  • Provide the military member with feedback after all visits and open houses
  • Negotiate a selling price on behalf of the sellers' transferees.
  • Present all offers to purchase received and provide guidance and recommendations on negotiations in accordance with agency law.
  • Provide assurances that surveys are current. Please supply your real property report (or a current copy) to your BGRS Realtor as soon as possible. If there have been no exterior changes to your residence since your purchase, you can use the one which was provided at your time of purchase. However, if a change was made, such as addition, deck or fence, a new real property report will be needed. Currently, Brookfield still covers the expense included the cost of compliance.
  • Forwarding instructions and all applicable documents to the lawyer/notary handling the transaction, upon a successful sale of the military member's property
  • Provide marketing reports to assist BGRS or the DND member with reports on market conditions when home equity or sale assistance is required which may include the 30-day marketing reports which provide information on:
    • the number of comparable listings
    • sales activity
    • any factors impeding the sale of the home
    • the number of showings
    • any offers
    • the Realtors® marketing strategies

If you are posted or may be posted, contact us for a free- no-obligation comprehensive military move comparative market analysis on your home to ensure your maximum sale price.

If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact us at 780-910-5179 or BGRS Supplier Centre Canadian Government Services Division at 613.236.6162.

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