Living in Ramsay Heights

Ramsay Heights is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by the Whitemud Creek Ravine South, Brander Gardens, and Rhatigan Ridge in real estate zone 14.

Ramsay Heights was named in honor of Walter Ramsay, who moved to our municipality in 1899 and became Edmonton’s first commercial florist. In 1986 a permanent greenhouse was opened as a tribute to Walter Ramsay.

This Riverbend community features a large green space with a playground, skatepark, a covered seating area with several picnic benches, and ravine trails. A commercial building along with Riverbend Road services Ramsay Heights residents with a daycare, convenience store, and barber shop in the heart of this southwest Edmonton community.

Residential real estate in Ramsay Heights is a mix of housing units split between single-detached houses and condo complexes. Popular Ramsay Heights condominiums are the Courtyard Of Riverbend with gas-burning fireplaces and the Whitemud Way duplexes in a prestigious gated community.

Most Ramsay Heights houses were constructed in the eighties and feature many homes with large balconies off the primary bedroom with over 3000 square feet of living space. Ramsay Heights house prices range dramatically depending on the condition of the property. The average house price for a Ramsay Heights home is about $600,000.

Living in Ramsay Heights offers homeowners access to river valley walking trails, natural woodland habitats, and quick access to the popular off-leash Terwillegar dog park.

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Total residential unit sales in the Greater Edmonton Area real estate market for August 2021 increased 9.7% compared to August 2020 and decreased 6.8% from July 2021.

New residential listings are up year-over-year, increasing 12.9% from August 2020. However, new residential listings are down month-over-month, decreasing 6.0% from July 2021. Overall inventory in the GEA was down 1.9% from August of last year and decreased 4.1% from July 2021.

Edmonton Real Estate Market Activity

Compared to July 2021, Edmonton house sales are down 6.0%, condominium sales decreased 8.4% and duplex & townhouses were also down by 4.7%.

Edmonton House Sales

Edmonton Real Estate Prices

The average price for an Edmonton home for August 2021 was $384,874 which is a 2.7% increase from August 2020. Single-family house prices had a 4.9% increase, condominiums had a 0.8% decrease and duplex prices increased 3.8% from August 2020.

Riverbend Home Sales

There were a total of 20 homes sold in Riverbend for the month of August 2021. Riverbend condominium sales included one apartment, two half-duplex condos, and four townhouses. There were 13 Riverbend houses sold with a price range of $475,000 to $3,100,000 in Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay & Bulyea Heights, and Henderson Estates.

Terwillegar Home Sales

There were a total of 39 homes sold in Terwillegar for the month of August 2021. Terwillegar condo sales included 8 apartments, a duplex, and two townhouses. There were 28 Terwillegar houses sold with a price range of $311,000 to $1,410,000. The majority of Terwillegar houses were sold in South Terwillegar, Haddow, and Terwillegar Towne.

Kaskitayo Home Sales

There were a total of 37 homes sold in Kaskitayo for the month of August 2021. Kaskitayo condominium sales included seven townhouses. There were 24 Kaskitayo houses sold with a price range of $320,000 to $$2,530,000. The majority of Kaskitayo houses were sold in Duggan and Greenfield.


For the month of August 2021, Edmonton real estate prices remained steady with 1242 home sales with the average house sale price at $448,220.

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Information provided by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

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Living in Rhatigan Ridge

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Rhatigan Ridge is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District, west of Bulyea Heights, south of Ramsay Heights, and north of Falconer and Henderson Estates. It is bordered by Terwillegar Drive, the river valley, and bisected by Riverbend Road in real estate zone 14.

Rhatigan Ridge was named in honor of Thomas Rhatigan, a farmer and landowner in the Riverbend area for many years. He was famous for the quality of his wheat and oats and was proclaimed World Oat King at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in 1953, 1966, and 1970.

Rhatigan Ridge was the first Riverbend neighborhood to be subdivided and predominantly features single-detached houses with bicycle pathways to promote pedestrian traffic. Due to the economy during this time period, with extremely high-interest rates, there were a small proportion of duplexes on Rehwinkel Road and townhouses at Ryan Estate constructed for first-time buyer affordability. Rhatigan Ridge has a high point of land with a panoramic view just south of Riverbend Road.

Rhatigan Ridge houses for sale are a mix of bungalows, 2 stories, and split levels constructed in the 1980s. The average Rhatigan Ridge house price is $650,000. These Riverbend bungalows feature over 2000 square feet of living space above grade. Almost every house in Rhatigan Ridge will have a front attached garage.

Executive and luxury Rhatigan Ridge properties are situated at Promontory Point and share amazing panoramic city views with private & serene park-like backyard settings. Rhatigan Ridge is a perfect place to live for residential privacy and community connection.

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Living in Ogilvie Ridge

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Ogilvie Ridge is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by the Whitemud Creek Ravine South, Bulyea Heights, and Rabbit Hill in real estate zone 14.

This Riverbend neighborhood was named after James H. Ogilvie who was a politician for 57 years, a lawyer, and a veteran of World War One. Ogilvie originally came to Edmonton from Nova Scotia in 1914 and enrolled at the University of Alberta. He was called to the bar in 1920 and served as a City Alderman between 1932 and 1948.

Ogilvie Ridge is best known for its tall clock tower and welcoming white lights and tree-lined streets at its entrance near the beautiful ravine with walking trails and park benches throughout. The Whitemud Creek Community Centre is also located in Ogilvie Ridge which features the water spray pond, soccer fields, and tennis courts and is a great place to hold a wedding ceremony, reception, and banquet.

There are two condominium complexes in Ogilvie Ridge that are townhouses and bungalow duplex-style homes with front garages. The majority of Ogilvie Ridge Edmonton houses for sale feature adjoining green space or larger backyards giving residents more privacy from their neighbors. Ogilvie Ridge house prices range from $475,000 to over the million marks. Ogilvie Ridge Edmonton luxury homes for sale will run along Osmand Drive.

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Living in Brookside

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Brookside is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District, north of Bulyea Heights and east of Rhatigan Ridge. It is bordered by Terwillegar Drive and Whitemud Creek Ravine with walking trails to the famous Brookside walking bridge, outdoor Grandview staircase, and snow valley ski club in real estate zone 14.

Several of the houses for sale in Brookside will back onto the ravine and natural woodland habitat. The majority of Brookside houses also have back alley access even the one with front attached garages. Over half of Brookside homes were built during the 1960s for the elite buyers.

Real estate in Brookside is completely residential except for the Riverbend Community League, Brookside Elementary School, Edmonton Alberta Temple, and Riverbend Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Houses in Brookside are situated on larger than average lots, some with over 1000 square meters, surrounded by mature trees and wide streets. Homeowners in this part of Riverbend Edmonton tend to stay for longer periods of time with only a few properties listed on the MLS each year. The average Brookside house price is $650,000. Homes for sale here will range from the mid $400,000s to a few million depending on the location. Brookside Terrace is the only condo complex that is managed by Boardwalk.

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Living in Brander Gardens

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Brander Gardens is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by Whitemud/Terwillegar Drive, Ramsay Heights, and overlooks the North Saskatchewan River in real estate zone 14.

Brander Gardens is named for George Brander, whose peony gardens were an attraction for Albertans until the 1940s and were the source of most of the peonies in Alberta. In the heart of Brander Gardens is a Riverbend Shopping Centre with a veterinary hospital, Jiu-Jitsu martial arts schools, and a donair shop.

Brander Gardens has 4 apartment complexes including Lord Nelson which has an indoor swimming pool. Brander Gardens Hearthstone condominiums feature attached garages and row homes along Riverbend Road in Brander Gardens are constructed in 1974.

The average house price in Brander Gardens is $650,000. House prices in this part of Riverbend will range from $400,000 with all original features including the shag carpet to extravagant multi-million dollar houses with triple and quad garages along Whitemud Road. Real estate in Brander Gardens is a mix of commercial, retail, and educational facilities. There are several townhouse condominiums and only 300 single-family detached houses.

Although Brander Gardens feature more mature houses built in the 1970s, this is a great Riverbend area to live in with larger backyards, beautiful ravine walking trails along the river valley, and steps away from Fort Edmonton Park.

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Living in Bulyea Heights

Riverbend Edmonton Homes

Bulyea Heights is located in southwest Edmonton in the Riverbend District. It is bordered by the Whitemud Creek Ravine South, Terwillegar Drive, and Rabbit Hill in real estate zone 14.

Also known as "Brookview", several of the houses for sale in Bulyea Heights will back onto either the ravine or a walking trail with trails leading to Ogilvie Ridge, Aspen Gardens & Westbrook Estate.

This Riverbend community features many green spaces and parks with donated community benches to sit down and take in its beautiful natural surroundings. It is also known for the ample "free poop bag dispensers", situated beside a garbage can.

Bulyea Heights was named after Gorge Hedley Vicars Bulyea (1859-1928) who was the first Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta, elected in 1905, and served until 1915. Recently, on the western portion of Bulyea Heights, south of the Brookview strip mall, a new condominium complex was added along with additional walking trails to allow for more affordability in this Riverbend community.

Bulyea Heights was one of the first communities in Edmonton to have an HOA fee which covers the maintenance of fences, the clock tower, tennis courts, and the skating rink. Development in Bulyea Heights, Riverbend began in 1979 and was created for a low-density residential neighborhood that took maximum advantage of its natural surroundings.

There are two bungalow-style duplex retirement complexes on Oeming Road and Butterworth Pointe. The more executive houses in Bulyea Heights with triple garages are found near Butchard Drive. House prices in Bulyea Heights will range from the low 500,000's to luxury house prices and are ranked one of the cities top best 10 neighborhoods to live in.

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Communities for Edmonton Dog Lovers

Edmonton has over 40 dog park and off-leash areas where your best friend can run and play without having you on the other end of the leash. You too can get physical and emotional benefits from exercise and by socializing with other dog owners.

My top 3 places to live for Edmonton dog owners are near

Buena Vista - Great Meadow: A large off-leash dog park near the valley zoo, north of Laurier Park and south of Melton Ravine in the Glenora area. The Buena Vista Dog Park features an open off-leash area, access to the river valley for those dogs who love to swim, park benches, ample parking and river valley trails with maps for walking and cycling. Note* No smoking or vaping tobacco or cannabis in this park.

Hermitage Point South located between 129 Avenue and 137 Avenue, 22 Street and the River Valley in northeast Edmonton. It features plenty of natural walking trails, picnic sites, Ambassador, portable toilets, seasonal summer fishing and a large off-leash dog area. Our Edmonton Ambassadors at the Hermitage Park Dog Park help improve the quality of our off-leash areas, and enhance the user experience for human and canine visitors by encouraging positive interactions, and creating a culture of community at the park. Homes near the Hermitage Point South Dog Park are very reasonably priced. 

Terwillegar Dog Park in southwest Edmonton accessible via Rabbit Hill in the Riverbend District. Although the Terwillegar Dog Park is a multi-use area, it is most popular for pet lovers with larger canines. This park also has a 262-metre-long footbridge that links the park to Oleskiw River Valley Park on the north side of the river, perfect for long strolls with your best friend.

For other dog parks near you, visit Edmonton's off-leash dog parks

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What classifies as a luxury Edmonton home?

Luxury home prices vary from city to province to state to country. What classifies a home in the luxury market consists of a few variables. Luxury homes are no longer based on price alone. To classify property into the luxury home category, it mush have desired indulgences. A home can be considered "a luxury property" when it offers these features:

  • A grand foyer with soaring ceilings to greet your guests.
  • Adequate nanny/guest living quarters which are private and away from the main living area.
  • Personal conveniences and amenities such as pools, in-home gyms, Imax movie theatres, arcade rooms, wine cellars, decontamination showers, backyard tennis courts, solarium, and game rooms. There are several homes in Edmonton with personal amenities which can be found in Cameron Heights and Glenora.
  • State of the art kitchens. With duel ovens, smart refrigerators to keep track of your food items, wine storage, ample counter space, built-in computer screens.
  • Technology. Homes controlled with voice activation or the touch of a bottom from anywhere in the world are now one of the must-haves with elite buyers.
  • Privacy. Many elite home buyers require privacy, especially media icons who get accosted by paparazzi.
  • A prime location. A view is one of the things that make homes fall into the luxury category no matter where you live. It can be an unobstructed view of a mountain, beachfront, or overlooking the sparkling lights of the city. Beachfront properties in Edmonton can be found in Summerside.
  • Premier quality, reputable builders and renowned architect. The construction materials, lighting, finishes, appliances, and design all must be a cut above what's considered standard. Dominate renowned Edmonton communities include Griesbach and Windermere.

A luxury home can mean different things to different people. Bottom line, a luxury home is where you can relax and retreat from the rest of the world, enjoying a dwelling that fits your lifestyle. View our Edmonton luxury homes for sale by the district. 

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Riverbend Edmonton - A Favorite Place to Live

Riverbend is one of the best and favorite places to live in southwest Edmonton. It consists of nine communities. The new part of Riverbend is located on the east side of Terwillegar Drive and includes the communities of Bulyea Heights, Carter Crest, Falconer Heights, Henderson Estates, and Ogilvie Ridge. Old Riverbend is located on the west side of Terwillegar Drive and includes the communities of Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay Heights, and Rhatigan Ridge.

Riverbend is one of the best places to live in southwest Edmonton surrounded by mother nature. It is divided into two parts - Old Riverbend on the west and new Riverbend on the east. Riverbend is located off of Terwillegar drive a few minutes from the University of Alberta.

House prices range from move-up to luxury home prices. Unlike any other district in the city, Riverbend offers its homeowners plenty of mother nature's natural scenic beauty with community walking paths and river valley access all within walking distance. Old Riverbend is well known for the popular footbridge which runs across the river to Edmonton West via walking paths. Learn more about each Riverbend community below.

Rhatigan Ridge was first subdivided in 1980 with various house styles from large luxury homes on spacious lots, especially near the edges of the river valley to a range of more modest executive-style houses. Rhatigan Ridge encompasses the Riverbend community league beside St. Mary Catholic School and features a high point of land with panoramic views south of Riverbend Road. Rhatigan Ridge was named after Thomas Rhatigan, a farmer who was famous for the quality of his wheat and oats and was proclaimed World Oat King at the Royal Winter Fair three times.

Brander Gardens offers more deserve homeownership with plenty of townhouses and apartment condominiums to choose from. When originally built, the majority of these condos were focused on the upper-class and elite. Located in the western portion of Brander Gardens are some of Edmonton's most magnificent properties, originally called Glamorgan. Homeowners here are treated with the proximity to the Fort Edmonton Walking trails and Footbridge which crosses to the Wolf Willow Ravine. Brander Gardens was named in honor of George Brander, who established a peony garden in the Bonnie Doon until the 1940s.

Brookside, nestled away from the rest of Riverbend bounded by Whitemud Creek Ravine North with scenic views of our Downtown. Most houses in Brookside are executive-style homes constructed in the 1970s with above-average-sized lots and mature landscaping. Brookside homeowners enjoy the natural woodland habitat, skiing at the Snow Valley Ski Club and Rainbow Valley Park, access to river valley park trails, and other recreational facilities.

Ramsay Heights is Riverbend's oldest community located in a prime real estate location and features a mix of housing equally split between single-family houses and condominiums. Ramsay Heights offers a high elevation vantage point with panoramic views of Edmonton. A large portion of the detached houses in Ramsay Heights runs along the river Valley on 154 Street and Whitemud Road. There are also a few luxury houses located in the original Glamorgan subdivision adjacent to the river valley. Ramsay Heights was named for Walter Ramsay, a principal at McKay Avenue and Queen Avenue School, then became the cities first commercial florist.

Bulyea Heights offers more walking trails than any other Riverbend community and with the presence of the Whitemud Creek Ravine, which runs the eastern length of Bulyea Heights, is the most striking community. Almost every house in Bulyea Heights is owner-occupied with several of these homes touching the edges of the ravines with more walking trails, natural paths for hiking, and run-off streams from the North Saskatchewan River. Bulyea Heights was named after George Hedley Vicars Bulyea, the first Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta.

Carter Crest is a smaller upper-class Riverbend community that features a combination of single-detached housing, construction prior to the 1990s. There are only a few roads in this community that swirl and curve to limit the negative effects of traffic, maximize land space, and allows its homeowners bigger lots. Carter Crest is within walking distance to the Terwillegar Recreation Center and is named after Robert I. Carter, a Canadian government agent who advised Americans on their immigration prospects in Canada.

Falconer Heights is one of the few Riverbend communities which offer several amenities including a medical center, a library, fast food restaurants, banks, and more located in Riverbend Square. This portion of Riverbend is popular with the aging community and features a fantastic retirement community. There is no school site located within Falconer Heights, but there is a large future school/park site adjacent to Henderson Estates. It was named after James F. Falconer, who was involved in the formation of the Edmonton Names Advisory Committee in the mid-1950s.

The Henderson Estates is nestled between Old Riverbend and Haddow in Terwillegar Heights bounded by the River Valley which runs the length of the community, providing homeowners with excellent access to our greatest natural asset. Due to the natural beauty and breath-taking views, many of these Henderson Estates properties will run into the multi-million dollar price range. Henderson Estates is named after Thomas Henderson, a homesteader in the Riverbend area in the late 19th century who imported Italian honey bees to his farm.

When originally built, Ogilvie Ridge was to be a private, elite, gated community until the city decided, Edmonton against any gated communities. It is bordered by Bulyea Heights, Whitemud Creek ravine, and west by Rabbit Hill. Ogilvie Ridge features a natural topography with an integration of the North Saskatchewan River Valley ravine system defining this community. Ogilvie Ridge was named after James H. Ogilvie, a politician, a lawyer, and a veteran of World War I.

View more homes for sale in the Riverbend Edmonton District.

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